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Calilantern Calibration STL By Vector3D [digital only]


Calibration STL for 3D printer calibration and testing.

(7 customer reviews)

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Notice – Why is it out of stock?

There have been a few reports of Calilantern increasing skew rather than decreasing it. Obviously this is not the intended outcome for this calibration design. It will go back on sale once it is fixed.

About Calilantern

Calilantern is a calibration STL that looks a bit like a lantern, designed to help you with printer calibration and testing. Included is a 30 page written guide and an advanced calibration calculator to identify and correct scale and skew errors.

If you’re familiar with my first calibration STL, Califlower, then you’ll feel right at home with Calilantern. It’s similar, but better in so many ways as I’ve taken many of the things learned from that design and implemented them here.

Calilantern Vs Califlower

While there are many little changes here are the biggest improvements you’ll enjoy:

  1. Calilantern now works in all three planes, XY, ZX and ZY where Califlower was only XY.
  2. Iterative skew calibration allows you to input current skew settings and improve step by step.
  3. Integrated calibration score to help you understand performance and share or compare with others.
  4. A super detailed 30+ page written guide to help you measure, understand, and correct any errors.
  5. More advanced measurement status monitoring to help ensure you get the right measurements.
  6. Full support for Marlin, Klipper and RepRap Firmware.
  7. Support for scaling size less than 100%
  8. Change logs will now be published in the guide document so you know what changes with updates.
  9. Still only needs a pair of callipers to measure!

This is not an update to Califlower so no free upgrades for existing purchases.

Latest Version

If you purchased Calilantern recently, and you just want the latest version, you can use the same download link in the order email, it will get you the latest version. Alternatively login and visit the downloads section of the account page.


The purchase entitles use of the product by a single individual. Purchase does not entitle redistribution, modification or re-sale of any kind.

Further Information

Please note: If you work with a numerical system that uses a comma (,) as the decimal separator then you will find that the spreadsheet places commas where the firmware requires a full stop/decimal point. For example, 10.45mm will become 10,45mm. See this Microsoft help document on how you can temporarily change this to use different separators…

Do you need this?

There is only one printer that I know of currently that has an in-built method of skew correction which is the Prusa Research Mk3 and its variants. You could still benefit from the Califlower as a test to prove that the in-built method is working.

On the other hand, the Prusa mini, to my knowledge at this time, has no methods for correcting skew. You would need to break the appendix on the control board and write custom firmware to implement it. Again, you may benefit from the calibration flower as it could help in knowing the extent of the problem with skew, and may still assist in manual correction, it’s just not as simple.

As far as I know at this time, most other printers are easy enough to flash firmware to, or have simple implementation methods for scale and skew.

7 reviews for Calilantern Calibration STL By Vector3D [digital only]

  1. John O’Shaughnessy (verified owner)

    The Calilantern is an excellent tool to measure and improve the size and skew of your 3D printer. I often create 3D printed designs with multiple parts, and having a well-calibrated printer ensures that pieces are sized as closely to designed as possible. The guide and spreadsheet make quick work and help to guarantee accuracy in measurements. The pre-configured configuration items to load into my firmware configuration was just icing on the cake. Highly recommended!

  2. Vincent Palma (verified owner)

    Awesome calibration tool!! please make one for a belt printer like the cr30 😛

  3. Krzysztof Wierzbicki (verified owner)

    It works really Nice. Takes the right amount of effort to make you feel that you improved something.
    3rd print is probably on the way to see the second layer of improvement

  4. festus01 (verified owner)

    It’s a clever tool and I like it, but it’s more complex then the Califlower.
    I’ve used it on a rooted Creality K1.
    After 3 iteration non of the failures was >0.1mm, but bed flatness is about 0.2mm.
    I’m not sure how the influence of the bed flatness is, especially for the skew values.
    In the overall score, I had a improvement from 690 to 825 out of 1000.
    It’s a clever tool to improve accuracy of your printer, limited by accuracy of caliper and flatness of bed.

  5. togden_13 (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic design and calculator, I’ll be recommending this to anyone with a 3D printer and if I buy any more printers I will be using it on those too. For me, this is a must.

  6. Mathew Sefton (verified owner)

    🤯Truly amazed! I had tried everything I could find and was beginning to think dimensional accuracy simply wasn’t possible, until I came across this. Thank you!

  7. briceoncnc (verified owner)

    I use machinist tools when tuning my printer. Then would rely on adhoc prints and hope things worked properly.
    I now use Calilantern to measure results of my tuning efforts.
    The spreadsheet showed X&Y error was only off 0.06%. And Z error was 0.08%. Printer got a score of 901 out of 1000. The skew is only off about 0.030 degrees. Glad there’s something available to verify results of tuning my printer. Thanks!
    Printer: Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro

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