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Califlower Calibration STL by Vector 3D [Digital Only]


The Califlower STL file and calculator to help you with printer calibration and testing.

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The “Vector 3D Califlower Calibration STL” is an STL file to help you with printer calibration and testing. Included is documentation in the form of a spreadsheet calculator to identify and correct printer scale and skew accuracy.

Includes the Califlower calibration STL file and Calculator Spreadsheet (in Excel and Libre office formats)

Please note: If you work with a numerical system that uses a comma (,) as the decimal separator then you will find that the spreadsheet places commas where the firmware requires a full stop/decimal point. For example, 10.45mm will become 10,45mm. See this Microsoft help document on how you can temporarily change this to use different separators…

Do you need this?

There is only one printer that I know of currently that has an in-built method of skew correction which is the Prusa Research Mk3 and its variants. You could still benefit from the calibration flower as a test to prove that the in-built method is working.

On the other hand, the Prusa mini, to my knowledge at this time, has no methods for correcting skew. You would need to break the appendix on the control board and write custom firmware to implement it. Again, you may benefit from the calibration flower as it could help in knowing the extent of the problem with skew, and may still assist in manual correction, it’s just not as simple.

As far as I know at this time, most other printers are easy enough to flash firmware to, or have simple implementation methods for scale and skew.

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Latest Versions

If you purchase Califlower or ‘calibration flower’ previously then you can access the latest version from the downloads page on ‘my account’

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