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Daylight on a stick; a printed circuit board with LEDs.

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‘Daylight on a Stick’ is a chainable PCB LED bar used to illuminate your 3D printer. Connectors are located at both ends of the PCB so you can chain bars together.


One Daylight on a stick PCB, assembled with JST XH headers at both ends.


  • Voltage: 24V
  • Dimensions: 270 x 11 mm
  • Power consumption at maximum power: 5W
  • The colour temperature: 6000K~6500K (This looks quite natural white)
  • The operating temperature of the LEDs is -30C to +85C.
  • LED emission angle is 120°


These are designed to fit Voron 3D printers and will fit in all sizes of the Voron 2.4 but are compatible with any 24V system.
I have designed a mounting system for use with 2020 extrusion such as with Voron 2.4 which you can find here: Github-V3D-Daylight-Printed Parts
Since these are high-power LEDs they can produce a lot of heat. I’ve found that 50% PWM still provides a lot of light and keeps the temperature increase to about 16C. Raising the brightness for short periods such as time-lapse photos would be fine but long periods of operation over the rated temperature will significantly shorten their life. Aim to keep them below 80C.


I have modified the original design in a few ways:

  • Different LEDs.
    • High CRI is not needed for 3D printing, only for highly accurate colour work such as videography and photography so they have been swapped for more widely available LEDs.
  • Different resistors and layout
    • Since different LEDs are used, the layout and resistors have been adjusted to suit these.

Open Source Info

The original version of the Voron Daylight PCB: Github-Voron-Daylight

My modified version is here: Github-V3D-Daylight

Change Log

V2 (main changes)

  • PCB was white, now black
  • pinout changed so JST XH is same pinout both ends
  • JST XH Location slightly changed
  • Voron logo changed to silkscreen layer
Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 270 × 50 × 5 mm

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