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Daybreak Mini


Daylight on a stick; a printed circuit board with LEDs. Daybreak Mini, a modified version of Daylight on a stick that is shorter.

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‘Daylight on a Stick’ is a chainable PCB LED bar by Voron Design used to illuminate your 3D printer. Connectors are located at both ends of the PCB so you can chain bars together.

Daybreak is the Vector 3D Modified version of Daylight on a Stick. See ‘Modifications’ below.

Daybreak Mini is just like Daybreak, but smaller at just 170mm long.


One Daybreak Mini PCB, assembled with JST XH headers at both ends.


  • Voltage: 24V
  • Dimensions: 170 x 11 mm
  • Power consumption at maximum power: 3.4W
  • The colour temperature: 6000K~6500K (This looks quite natural white)
  • The operating temperature of the LEDs is -30C to +85C.
  • LED emission angle is 120°


These are designed to fit mini Voron 3D printers such as the V0.1 but are compatible with pretty much any printer with a 24V system.

I have designed a mounting system which you can find here: V3D Daybreak Mounts

Since these are high-power LEDs they can produce a lot of heat. I’ve found that 50% PWM still provides a lot of light and keeps the temperature increase to about 16C. Raising the brightness for short periods such as time-lapse photos would be fine but long periods of operation over the rated temperature will significantly shorten their life. Aim to keep them below 80C.


I have modified the original design in a few ways:

  • Different LEDs.
    • High CRI is not needed for 3D printing, only for highly accurate colour work such as videography and photography so they have been swapped for more widely available LEDs.
  • Different resistors and layout
    • Since different LEDs are used, the layout and resistors have been adjusted to suit these.
  • Mini
    • The mini variant of Daybreak is a shorter 170mm length for use in smaller printers like the Voron V0.1.

Open Source Info

The original version of the Voron Daylight PCB: Github-Voron-Daylight

My modified version is here: V3D Daybreak PCB

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 170 × 50 × 5 mm

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