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Voron LED Light Bar – Daybreak


LED Light bar in white and RGB for Voron 3D Printers


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About Voron LED Light Bars aka Daybreak

Voron LED Light Bar a.k.a Daybreak is a chainable PCB LED bar used to illuminate your 3D printer based on the Voron Daylight on a stick design by ‘Blamm’. Connectors are located at both ends of the PCB so you can chain bars together.
Daybreak Neo is similar to daybreak but implemented 3 wire RGB LEDs compatible with neopixel.
Daybreak Mini is similar to daybreak, but in a shorter 170mm length instead of 270mm.

Included with your Voron LED Light Bar

One PCB, assembled with JST XH headers at both ends.


These are designed to fit Voron 3D printers. The full length version is designed for 2.4 and Trident while the mini version is designed for V0. Having said that, they are compatible with any printer than users 24v or 5v for the white and rgb strips respectively.
You can find mounts here: Github-Daybreak-Mounts
Since these are high-power LEDs they can produce a lot of heat. I’ve found that 50% PWM still provides a lot of light and keeps the temperature increase to about 16C. Raising the brightness for short periods such as time-lapse photos would be fine but long periods of operation over the rated temperature will significantly shorten their life. Aim to keep them below 80C.



  • Voltage: 24V
  • Dimensions: 270(170) x 11 mm
  • Power consumption at maximum power: 5W (3.4W)
  • The colour temperature: 6000K~6500K
  • The operating temperature of the LEDs is -30C to +85C.
  • LED emission angle is 120Ā°

RGB / Neopixel

  • Voltage: 5V
  • Dimensions: 270(170) x 11 mm
  • The colour is RGB; individually programmable per LED on the strip.
  • The operating temperature of the LEDs is -40 to +80C

Open Source Info

The original version of the Voron Daylight PCB: Github-Voron-Daylight

My modified version is here: Github-V3D-Daylight


Daybreak, Daybreak Mini, Daybreak Neo, Daybreak Neo Mini


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