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Stuff you didn’t know you needed, but can’t live without.

Custom tools like VLMP for threaded inserts, RGB and white light LED sticks for 3D printers, custom wiring modifications like the Divider Mod for Rat Rig V-Minion, and other 3D Printer upgrades for levelling up your 3D printing experience.

Threaded Insert Heat Press 3D Printer Accessories

VLMP – Threaded Insert Heat Press

The ideal tool for putting threaded brass inserts into their 3D printed parts. It’s a counterweighted soldering iron grabber that gives smooth linear motion to help you get threaded inserts into your 3D printer parts straight every single time.

VLMP has grips to fit any soldering iron as the dimensions can be modified, an adjustable counterweight so you can get the speed and balance to suit any style, adjustable v-slot wheels on aluminium v-slot extrusion for smooth and quiet motion, and it’s super easy to assemble with minimal tools.

Voron Daylight on a Stick

Based on the Voron Daylight on a Stick Design by Blamm, Daybreak are a modified range of LEDs perfect for Voron 3D printers and compatible with pretty much any 24V 3D printer.

Divider PCB Kit

A PCB upgrade kit for the Rat Rig V-minion that adds an electronics enclosure to the back of the printer to improve maintenance and moving of the machine as well as making the wiring much tidier.

Genuine CNCKitchen Products

Threaded inserts and soldering iron tips by CNCKitchen made from 100% Lead and Cadmium free brass alloy.