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A great opportunity for end users to get a feeling for how a new product may fit into their setup or how the manufacturer might improve their product in the future.


Using an extrusion testing system that utilises a number of sensors including, but not limited to, force, filament motion, temperature, and current Vector 3D is able to conduct detailed extrusion testing to quantify the performance of many parts of the 3D printer extrusion system such as heaters, nozzles, hotends, fans, stepper motors and extruders.


Educational videos are a fundamental part of Vector 3D. 3D Printers have many technical aspects which many may already know enough about to get on with 3D printing, but really understanding the background of how and why can help users take that next step in the 3D printing progression. Vector 3D provides a unique angle on educational content with the ability to simplify complex concepts and ideas into digestible, entertaining, and sometimes even comical chunks.

Exhibition Coverage

Attending a convention can be an expensive affair so why not make the most of the opportunity you have there to get some additional online publicity with exclusive videos and online promotional content to boost your presence at the show and share first-hand what your business has been up to.