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3D Printer Assembly Service

If you’re interested in accessing the high quality and performance from popular 3D printer kits such as those design by Voron and RatRig, but don’t want the hassle of building it yourself then the 3D printer assembly service from Vector 3D may be what you’re looking for. With experience building, modifying and designing 3D printers as well as a Masters Degree in Engineering, Adam at Vector3D is well positioned to provide a high quality and customised build service.

How Our 3D Printer Assembly Service Works

  1. Discuss requirements
  2. Determine machine specification and component selection
  3. Procurement
  4. BOM checks and confirmation prior to build
  5. Machine assembly
  6. Firmware configuration and Installation
  7. Fine tuning of machine parameters and fine tuning
  8. Machine testing
  9. Create and tune slicer profile
  10. Final testing and sign-off
  11. Delivery

“I need assembly help!”

If you purchased a kit but are facing troubles with the assembly, configuration, tuning or anything else, Vector 3D can help diagnose, troubleshoot and fix problems you are having. If you’re half way though, nearly finished, or barely started, its fine, get in touch today and I’ll get you back on track.

Who is this for?

While this service is open to anyone, it is aimed at small/medium business in the UK looking to get started or develop their in-house 3D printing capabilities.